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the disgraceful exam in which questions unrelated to the "forward english" book sent to us by our ministry (!) came out.. i will sacrifice my social life to prepare my students according to that book. let's ask questions about the patterns...teog-sbs-ogs-oks asking questions unrelated to books in all exams for years ruined us!!! enough is enough!!!


series of exams in which one question each is canceled in math and science tests. i've been taking an average of 6 math exams every year for 8 years, i haven't had a question that i had to cancel yet, very sukur.


i guess they are waiting for the stock markets to close to announce the results.


there was a question in the religious culture and moral knowledge exam that we had a good laugh, pilgrim. "muslim societies have lived in peace for many years," it read. slknhsf stopped and laughed for a while. then i opened it and laughed, always fskhbljfs funny la you know.


the exam with errors even in the 20-question math test. congratulations.


it's like the exam that placed my nephew, whose exam average is 450, in his 8th choice school with a score of 415. what is playing 35 points, friend? have we passed from here too? note: those who have such examples around, please let them green

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