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the white queen

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although not as much as the tudors, it is a production that can be watched with interest for historical tv series buffs. the throne struggles, the intrigues are going on. the casting choices are nice. the advantage of having 10 episodes and lasting only one season is that it can be watched in a jiffy. there is something that catches my attention while watching british period tv series and movies. was there a shortage of names in ancient england? due to the abundance of male and female characters with the same name, people inevitably experience confusion while watching. it would be nice if they didn't go around a few names.


this series is all about aneurin barnard for me. the rest is details.


even though it doesn't drag much, it is watched on a summer day. but the event is not fully understood when there are a lot of rebellions and a lot of throne fights from the first chapters. it is necessary to master the faces of the players, the names; to understand who became king and what happened. when i didn't fully understand it, i said at first, let me open it and read it, what is this war of roses or something. but my head was completely confused. as a result, i decided to watch the series and not worry too much; as far as i know, what shall we do now? and the name of the series is we are all edward, i think it would be better if we were all henry iz.


a series that goes well after the tudors and can be watched in absence. definitely not bad enough to hit the ground. it's even tracked for the character richard.


i can't catch up very fast. while i was watching it the other day, i said to myself, i'll have a cup of tea, when i came back, it had been 10 years.