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the white buffalo

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band that makes songs to listen to in the car. they add pleasure even to the most boring journey. * http://video site/watch?v=23gelx7bbxk


an american band that i got to know with sons of anarchy and dedicated a section to the best part of my music archive. (see: oh darlin' what have i done)


the vocalist of the band sounds very similar to eddie vedder's voice.. it has a different vibe. a beautiful group with very nice songs...


no one wrote it, but they give a bob look with their style. tell me if i'm making it up. sons of anarchy season 5, episode 12, the whistler took me away with their song.. my brothers are me.


the perfect band that i got to know through sons of anarchy. i can say that house of the rising sun cover is the best cover i have ever heard. you should also listen to the whistler song. other than that, i don't know if you like johnny cash or something, it means you will like white buffalo's vocals too.


if there is going to be such a thing as the "best the house of the rising sun cover award", it is the group that should have this award by far. also, the vocals kinda remind me of sivert hoyem. i loved these guys. note: i didn't include him in the cover event because bob dylan will be in the jury that will give the award.


the band that created a heartbreaking song like the matador from the soundtrack of sons of anarchy. http://video site/…v=mbsyxbz6tai and feature=share