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he was not a person i liked very much, but his performance at the nfl super bowl halftime show changed my view of him. this is how the show of the person who makes music should be, if there is no music, you will do a thousand somersaults to attract attention.


popular as a beast and the tabloid rose is a male singer. if we didn't know, we would believe these entries ahahahaha i exploded so bad.


it's a strange thing, especially with his velvety voice, sir, let me see that ass, he says what i don't know, nigga or something, i'm surprised how i will react. mashallah.


a new song called " often" is out. a young sister in the back is saying words like "at dawn" "i'm tired i'm tired of going". at first i couldn't believe it either, but it's true.


i think he goes to the same barbershop as Ömer celakıl.


one-man band consisting of abel tesfaye from toronto, yardirran with their album house of balloons released in march 2011.