the villainess

the villainess

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the beginning and the end are great, the middle is garbage.


especially the fps point of view is great. after a while it faints though. they must have noticed this already, they kept it short. the action is also great, dovusler etc. it actually has a good plot and scenario. if it had been handled in a better way and the film had been overhauled in general, it would have been a legend. a must watch movie.


to put it briefly, it's like a kill bill and a nikita genetic cross. secret organizations or something that cannot be understood why they exist are now out of whack, they have complex relationships. almost everyone is a member of a secret organization. it's hard to understand what's going on. action sophomore. my korean brothers you are number one in crime/drama/thriller. i think you should stay there. note: the intro sequence is better done than the hardcore henry who tried it first.