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the line "i agree but i agree with laughter" is the theater worker that comes to my mind. maybe it wasn't a very important line. any line of any sketch of that's all. but because masters like him say it, maybe small details like this take place. it's been almost 13 years since he passed away. wow...


our famous and very talented theater artist who lived between 1941-2001. they continued to talk about the actor, whom many knew with so much and put a special place in their hearts, with the legacy that could not be shared among the 1.5 trillion family he left behind after his death. although i do not know him personally, i still miss him and his acting in 2010. he was an actor with his own style. when you say looks and gestures, it is one of the most important examples of how an actor can actually make an impact on people.


the theater actor who made me sad by reminding me of our other theater actors whom i saw in the general rehearsal video of the miserable play shared by my dear friend jeanluc on facebook today, and whom we lost in the last 10-15 years. also, for the line shared as a curse, see: tekin trench combo


the late theater actor whose resemblance to snoop dog did not go unnoticed.


the theater actor who died of a heart attack during the theater play the other day, who is famous for his police typos in that will be it..


saw the play sefiller, in which tekin siper, who can easily handle serious roles, died while playing, about 3 months before the person died, and i especially appreciated his acting. in my opinion, it is a great loss. he died...


good theater actor who had a heart attack with excitement because he saw his master among the audience when he went on stage and who died on the stage, which is the dream of every theater actor.


he was someone i loved and respected since i had knitted him in my dream about 5 years ago, i coincidentally asked him for mercy during his funeral, he was one of the core staff of it will be