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the series was found to be short, but its length was good, too much would be repetitive and it would get boring in this setup. even the time spent in syria and the relationships established by the protagonist were considered to be imaginary, so much would have turned the story into a fiction. eli cohen had 17 girlfriends in syria, and they were either rich or famous women. we followed him like a prophet to honor his memory. you won't lose anything by watching it, it's not bad as a period drama, but there are some material mistakes.


dovuyolarmis those who don't say he showed the galata bridge instead of beirut.. they are a limited series that uses different filters in the parts of syria and israel.. the scenes depicting the israeli part are faded, as if they were old photographs, while the syrian scenes have more vivid colors.. the transition is made at night, it will cause a short-term barrier... i guess i missed half of the series that's why..


the serial in which the character of muhammad bin laden is *played by otisabi.


the series that i finished this morning. there are strange scenes, i don't know where people are watching now. the content is also very full. you need to know a little bit of politics and history. when you watch it, one becomes fuufff chok shıkldhim yhaaa yes. in the last part, when the agent they ate and drank with for years appeared and was deceived, the words of one of the soldiers shed light on our day while his hand was catching and beating cohen's former close circle. --- spoiler --- you ate from his hand. --- spoiler --- sounds very familiar, right.