the snow walker

the snow walker

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it is a survival-themed movie that doesn't have much fiction and events, usually goes static but still leaves a little taste on your palate at the end. --- spoiler --- stag dive --- spoiler ---


it is a 2003 canadian film written and directed by charles martin smith. it is a book adaptation and a must watch movie. it tells about a struggle for survival near the arctic ocean. the actor we remember for his role as the sniper in saving private ryan is played by barry pepper in the lead role. the lady in the role of the eskimo girl also draws attention with her warmth in snow-winter-apocalypse.


based on farley mowat's novel, walk well my brother. it is a film in which the concept of "walking to death" in eskimo culture is handled in an impressive way. the nature images are amazing, especially the northern lights*.


a great movie about survival in the wild. throughout the film, we witness not only an effort to escape, but also the transformation of a not-so-good man into a good person by an eskimo native girl. some scenes in the movie really require great sacrifice and both the production team and the two actors should be congratulated for this. it's the kind that makes you say "i'm glad i watched that movie" even though the ending is more sad than the movies we're used to and leaves you with a slight curiosity.


person who lives in canada and transports goods on a shabby plane ends up in the eskimo region. there he buys something from the locals in exchange for taking a sick girl to the hospital. however, the plane crashes midway and the eskimo girl struggles to survive while trying to keep both of them alive because she knows nature. 2003 canada imdb 7.4