the slender rose of my mind

the slender rose of my mind

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it is the song of teacher İsmail hakkı bey in the muhayyer-kürdî mode: the fine rose of my mind, the jolly nightingale of my heart that day i saw you, you burned me, oh that day i saw you, you burned me, your hot lips, your dimpled cheeks, that day i saw you, oh you burned me the day i saw you burned you ah lil'


it is a wonderful book of justice ağaoğlu that i can recommend to people who are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of job, career, position, money, to read again and again.


poke the pomegranate in me i'm wearing a white shirt *


the most beautiful word to say to a loved one.


stops at the dot below the question mark..


it was very nice for the bride and groom to do their first dance with this song. i saw this yesterday.


a compliment to someone with whom you get along very well mentally as well as spiritually.