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would like to give a warning to those who want to watch this series. the books this series was adapted from were bad. in my personal opinion, they were very, very bad. now how good can a tv series be based on this story? you could say they did a great job. well, it's your time. but you know, shannara's sword books were like an insult to fantasy literature.


i was curious, i looked a little. a war called the great war is the end of humanity, almost all living things are destroyed. trolls and gnomes have mutated, they are descended from humans, and these places we see are actually north america (not kasımpaşa). the elves are actually older than humanity, but they appear when they see the square empty.


think i can defeat the elf soldiers in the show alone. what the hell, they're taking down the guy wearing a big chain mail with a shuriken.


we are starting the series with the second book of the series of about 20 books. since the first 3 books are completely lotr tricks, it is a very correct decision that they decided to start directly with this book. although the casting is uncertain except for manu benett, it is extremely pleasing that we will see elves and dwarves again exactly 12 years after lotr. if the series is successful, the second episode that starts with shannara's children is much more original and legendary.


it's like allanon from manu bennet, but the first two episodes had a slightly cheesy atmosphere, i hope it changes in the following episodes.


interestingly overrated series. i think that if this series was on another channel instead of mtv, it would not have worked. i had low expectations but nothing watchable. even mentioning the name of game of thrones with it is an insult.