the seventh seal

the seventh seal

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the dance with death scene at the end of the movie is the most meaningful scene that bergman has shot in my opinion.


“out of our fear we create an image and then we call that image god”


the time is the middle ages. a knight sitting by the beach comes face to face with death. the knight invites death to play chess
if the knight wins, death will haunt him.
one of the 1957 cult films about existentialism. it is a movie that i hope will be enjoyed by those who want to build their lives on concrete data and try to make sense of their own philosophy of existence.
-and what would you do if death came your way one day?


the 1957 swedish film won the jury's special award at the cannes film festival held in the same year. the film, which has very artistic elements, questions the existence of life and death, god and the grim reaper with its own language, while revealing the dark side of the middle ages with all its reality.


song by scott walker about det sjunde inseglet.* synopsis song.


for ingmar bergman's movie
(see: det sjunde inseglet)


"we make an idol of our fear and call it god."