the sea foams

the sea foams

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while the circulating version of cem karaca's interpretation was transferred from the media to the media, its only channel was lost. instruments and some vocals are missing. for the full one: video site/watch?v=focqoykn1yg


it is the best thing that has happened to the deaf room as of the 3rd episode. - spoiler --- spoiler ---


although the 'missing instrument' version interpreted by cem karaca appeared in the usa in the 70s, the apaşlar were a worldwide band now. i'll say that much. i'm a victim of your words, your vocals, your press.


a folk song from tolga Çandar's album muğla folk songs(2002); if i get on the sea foam ships, it's a lump sum.


cem karaca also has a very nice comment. (see feristah)


we can say that those who speak a folk song with the dialect of that region sing better, generally based on his premise,tolga Çandar reads it quite well. it is a folk song and ula is a district.


(see: ivy) (see: rare yellow leg)