the school for the gods

the school for the gods

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responsibility = 1/ fear dream + time = realism dream and reality are one and the same thing. the person who has a dream also has a reality. the book that says it only needs time...


clairvoyant book. how many times can a person start a book, intend it and leave it unfinished?


the book ends meaninglessly after a while while reading whether the author has made a sound philosophy or has made a lot of nonsense. as a result, dreamer has been a huge disappointment for me.


he who is master of himself becomes master of the world. the book that should be read, should be read.


i think this is a book sent by the gods at people's worst moments... when i woke up one morning i found myself reading this book..


the transatlantic, which i enjoy being a passenger on the route to (my) truth, albeit for a while.. sometimes it is considered as a holy book and sometimes just as a man's enlightenment story, it should be read..