the question of how many hours to read per day

the question of how many hours to read per day

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a blessing like a book should not be made an obligation, it should be enjoyed like many other things.

take time to read, sir, even if it's ten minutes. that is enough. if you read ten pages a day, it would be 3650 pages a year, would you like to read about 10-12 books.


page target is absurd because reading a novel is different, reading a philosophy book is another, even in the novel there is a heavy, light.

if we come to the time, people should spare at least 60 minutes.


i think a minimum of 15 pages should be read as the number of pages, not on an hourly basis. even, in addition to reading a book, we should read a good poem and look at a beautiful painting. these are important things for a person's development.

it should rather be measured by the number of pages rather than the duration. 15 pages a day if it's a picture book and large font.