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started at night, when i watched the trailer, i gave the reaction of come to the actors. i'm on episode 4 right now. wonderful. homophobes don't watch it. i finished. i'm looking forward to season 2.


netflix series with the first trailer.


the perfect series where the perfect footwork freezes. they also made good fun of his politically correct state of affairs, which is so fucked up in the us. players are awesome. season 3 was going to be shot, but they were going to wait a few years for the lead role to age a little and mature (as an image) so that it would be believable.


i watched the whole series in one sitting (i guess i couldn't tell that i fell into a void), one of the most beautiful series i've watched in a long time. i gave 10/10 on imdb, i loved the series, normally i give it very hard. i can't find anything to criticize, it would be a long post if i wrote the details that i admire. my relationship with that producer trio started with glee and it gets stronger with each release. ryan, brad, ian i love you <3


ryan murphy's musical comedy series approved by netflix for 2 seasons. i'm platt, the lead actor. talks continue with gwyneth paltrow and barbra streisand.…ticiani-netflix-satin-aldi/