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no blood, no brutality, no profanity, no sex, no violence..but everything that should be: tension, fear, restlessness. and then there's nicole kidman's gorgeous facial expression, the talent of two amazing little amazing kids.


--- spoiler --- grace's ass about religion in the finale of this movie = priceless. --- spoilers ---


i believe thriller-horror movies are divided into: 'the others' and others


it's also a strongly anti-war film. although he does not express this with an eye-catching opposition, you understand that the main reason for the deteriorating psychology and the dramatic is the war your father went to. although war is a secluded perspective that can be advanced about the movie, i think it is a very important background..


the movie in which anne and nicholas acted perfectly. bravo kizanciklara.


in my opinion, the scariest scene in the movie, --- spoiler --- is the scene in the attic where the maid shows the book of the dead to nichole kidman. nichole kidman asks why everyone is sleeping, maid says they are not sleeping they are dead. at this moment, the picture that is open is the pictures of 2 little children dead side by side. in the later scenes of the movie, nichole finds pictures of the maid and her family with their eyes closed. --- spoilers ---


successful new era horror film produced by tom cruise and proving how right he was by insisting on nicole kidman for the lead role even though they broke up.


the movie made me watch it in peace and happily watch it because i know that a bloody corpse will not come out from every corner, that there will not be dead females hanging from the ceilings with blood droplets, that a guy with a knife will not jump around after a melody called hen hen hen (see horror movie music) every once in a while. .