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the odd couple

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there is a scene in the restaurant, so there are no spoilers, let me just say hı-mahh hmm-mah, it is very funny. the music is also great. (see: neal hefti)


the first episode of the new version of the old production was published yesterday. i thought i'd check if there was matthew perry, thomas lennon, community's shirley yvette nicole brown and lindsay sloane were in the cast. when i heard the opening song, friends reminded me of the opening scene of season 1 episode 12*, that's why i watched the whole episode with a goofy grin.


remake of the 1968 film and the television series that aired from 1970-1975, written, produced and starred by matthew perry. he was going to do it for cbs. edit: first performed on broadway in 1965. edit2: officially approved.


i love the generic music.


the series that i watched with love despite the fact that the majority of them vomited hate. i think it's going great, like the bomb. makes me laugh with every episode.


st. second gnarls barkley marvel posted elsewhere.


the series that cbs approved for the second season. matthew perry's drama managed to get approval this time.…ed-by-cbs/402326/


american movie, which i think inspired the tv series called "sweet freaks".