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the night manager

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1993 novel by john le carre. bbc is bringing it to life as a mini-series for the white screen and will star hugh laurie and tom hiddleston. i'm a liar here.


i was shocked to learn that the stone named elizabeth debicki in the lead is 1.92.


the best drama of 2016.


it is a cliché but a series with very good actors. --- spoiler --- do you read the azan in every scene in istanbul? ok it sounds like mystical or something you shouldn't have taken your shit : --- spoiler ---


mini-series that i finished in one day. when you say action, drama, suspense, once you see it, it's over. of course, i thought i'd check if there's hugh laurie and i liked tom hiddleston's acting a lot. by the way, while watching elizabeth debicki, sanem steel constantly came to my mind, it's like sanem's blonde and tall black angel.