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the members of this group have made all kinds of songs that can be listened to day and night, on the road, at home, at work, while drinking and traveling. a wonderful group that you can easily use the definition of "addictive", albeit a cliché. i looked at most of the song names written above, yes they are all good, in addition, i think baby came home is also worth listening to.


flawless lie is my new discovery that i love and admire with let it go. ps: i love you too, by the way.


young children who are thundering and making great music. with the song "say my name" by destiny's child, he has his name written on covers that are better than the originals in my opinion. you know, the reason is because i love you. i also say moon lava * *. even if there is no mishap, even if they sing and sing together for years.


a music group. sweater weather is nice.


(see jesse rutherford)


it's a band i've just discovered that i can't stop listening to until i get the fuck out of it. he has very kind words; like one love two mouths, one love one house, no shirt no blouse (see sweather weather)


he says such a "fuck you anyway" in the song afraid that it fits right into the piece. description: nice music group.


the band wrote the song sweater weather inspired by the mothers. don't go out without your clothes on, the weather is full of sweater weather subtext.