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the lodge

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2008 film by brad helmink and john rauschelbach. rain tiger composed the soundtrack of the movie. this is an unsuccessful psychological and physical violence movie. i watched it so that maybe i could see beautiful nature scenes. i'm disappointed. as cliché as claustrophobic space and pscho guys are, so is this movie. that's why it's an ordinary horror movie whose name is not heard of. best thriller movies watched: (see #101314076) best romantic movies watched: (see #122389518) edit: add


how to make a great song by playing the same 3-5 chords for 4-odd minutes. the clicking sounds in the song come from the deer skull you know, by the way.


people inevitably compare. where ich seh ich seh where the lodge. it's a bastard movie with its shortsighted script when it could have been very good. thanks to you, we managed to get bored of the thriller. it's so boring that you don't even wonder about the end despite its beautiful colors, environment and atmosphere. it's really one of those movies that i would rarely call a waste of time. one of the biggest problems of the movie is that we can never understand from whose eyes we are watching the movie, who is dragging the movie. shame on the idea.