the legend of israel growing gargat tree

the legend of israel growing gargat tree

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it is the reason why israel lags behind the arab world in all respects. let the arabs go and deal with technology and science. let the arabs go and train scientists, deal with useful works for humanity and for their country; in israel, such an ummah should run after hadiths and grow trees. this is why the jews are left behind. (bkz: arab dream)


(see: hobbits breed ent legend)


it is a sign that israel is not smart enough despite all the power it has. there is no water, there is no land.. if he invests in islamic professors instead of investing in god's desert saying that i will grow gargats. it would be easy though...


it is a legend that helped us better understand who made professors in the country. hey baby, look at this science, look at that observation ability, this logic power. are two huge professors going to lie and axles (see:…ahudileri-korkutan-hadis.php) (see: mistaking the merkava tank for a tree) (see: mirage tank) edit: who they are making professors when i say how talented people are, i mean how competent people are. don't rat, no insults *


it's like an urban legend. we can also call it the legend of the ummah. at least some of the people believe. according to a narration claimed to be a hadith, when the great war broke out between the jews and the muslims, mountain, stone, tree, whatever you can think of, would inform the jew behind him. he said to the muslim: "o muslim, there is a jew behind me. but not a single tree would make a sound. this is gargat tree. because it was the tree of the jews. that's why the jews dedicate themselves to growing this tree.


if true, in any war, the jews will be easier to find, as they will hide behind gargat trees. if i were in such a war, i would personally go and look directly behind the gargat tree. it's like walking around disguised as an indian chief in order not to be noticed.


- o muslim, a jew is hiding behind me!!! - hmmm, it was a pleasure to hear that from an 8 cm thick tank armor, it made me happy - ohoo you can't be hurt either ha :(


"i don't know about the fourth world war, but the fifth will be by playing hide and seek. sobe caught!!" the epic of gilgamesh