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the jetsons

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it was made in 1962. considering that back to the future coincided with the mid-80s, it was a big deal at that time.


despite all the technology, this family has antennas on their televisions... "hey, you're flying, friend, what antenna?" don't they say to the man?.. where is that technology.


they had a strange device. like this, judy used to tuck her hair in, and she pulled it out in a pattern of colors. then he'd stick his fingers in, he'd come out with crackling nail polish. i want to get one of these. and i persevered, i will be meendiz in the future and invent this tool, yes..


the cartoon with the worst song in the world. look at the lyrics: meet george jetson. his boy elroy. daughter judy. jane his wife. is that so? nice to meet you dammit. one looks at ghostbusters, i don't know, ninja looks at turtles and gets embarrassed while making this song. look at the stone age counterpart, flintstones, i'm even willing to accept it. rude. whatever came to mind at six in the morning.


the cartoon i watched in america when i was 7 years old and thought "these must be the american version of the flintstones".


mother and daughter wore miniskirts. both had legs like columns. at that age, our souls would wake up, you bastard.


these come to mind every time on the walking bands in the subway. and of course, the childhood days when we believed that we would walk around in spacesuits from the year 2000. at that very moment, you come to the end of the walking band and take your step on the ground that is standing still, as a zink, and you encounter the slap of the truth *.