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the incredible hulk

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i wish the hulk had always followed that line and stayed serious. look at the green clown in ragnarok and the hulk in that movie. nobility flows from the hulk in this movie. anyway, mcu chose not to make quality movies, but to make children's movies. nothing to do


a movie where liv tyler is more muscular than edward norton..


the movie i watched just because there was edward norton. because i never liked the 2003 version. i thought it wouldn't be nice despite norton, but it didn't turn out bad. either i didn't take out my criticism arrows because there was edward norton or it's really not bad. --- spoiler --- it was also nice that the norton 360 program came out while looking at the computer. --- spoilers ---


the movie we heard lou ferrigno, who played the hulk in old hulk movies, as a security guard and calling bruce banner his brother. --- spoiler --- in my opinion the best battle scene in the movie ; it was the first fight of the element who would later turn into the abomination after taking the super soldier serum with the hulk. --- spoilers ---


(see: i don't believe it haluk)


- spoiler