the green mile

the green mile

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it's a heavy, heartwarming movie. i just came across it on trt, it looks like i'm going to cry again at night. it also contains very beautiful and impressive words "something happens in this world that i wonder why god allows it".


it is an amazing quality production that could make people cry. --- spoiler --- please boss, don't put that thing over my face, don't put me in the dark. i's afraid of the dark --- spoiler --- you start looking for napkins here you stop the movie.


the meaning of this movie for our house is very deep and bitter. my mother, i and he watched the movie together while my brother, who has cancer, was lying in his sick bed. while watching this movie, my brother said 'ohh mom, i wish there was magic like this'. this movie means life.


--- spoiler --- the movie runs exactly 3 hours and uses the coffey skill 3 times. also, 3 people are executed. ie once an hour. --- spoilers ---


it is perhaps the most successful of the films adapted from the books. they were able to do almost the same with the book. the interesting thing is that i think they were so successful in this that the places and characters i envisioned while reading the book were the same in the movie. alla alla it's like i directed the movie.