the good fight

the good fight

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the cbs all access series, which has been approved for the 5th season.


unfortunately, the series that saddens with its 3rd season. the opposition to trump became the leading role of the series, they keep turning around as if there is no topic other than trump. the breathtaking episodes of the first season were replaced by episodes that mention trump 3 times a minute. i don't know if the new season has been approved, but if there is another season, they should show a different topic, it's swollen inside.


in the 8th episode of the 3rd season, the series has provided more than the total benefit that the country has been able to do for years, in 2-3 minutes, in announcing the systematic human rights violations and persecution of the uyghur turks by the chinese state to the world public. because the country doesn't have much to do other than send it to china


the spin-off that made me watch only the good wife obsessively out of a million serials for months. finally, on february 19, the first episode was published. the series started with the fast paced diane, the adored strong woman we miss, the noble stance lucca, the annoying david lee, the smack howard lyman. i hope they continue the success of robert and michelle king the good wife here.*