the flowing river

the flowing river

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he is the father of one and a half million islands in our country. in the middle of my dry konya, i only counted 17 thousand.


he was shooting a demirdokum commercial recently. we look at the stove at home and we cry now.


of course, i also have long sentences, various opinions and ideas. but what's the point, when you can both describe and summarize this "inspiration"-loving young director in two words: metropol arabeski.


a wonderful person who is sensitive, sincere, can never come to insincerity, honest, moral, values people above all.


i want to overlap with murathan mungan and cezmi ersöz [this part is censored because it can get in our ass], he is a personality that makes a premium with extra emotionality. --- spoiler --- i would have stopped like this, i would have opened your legs, i would have said "shut up", "shut up don't shout" --- spoiler ---


the person i learned that he was making a movie about me, and i said oh my dear, what was the need. embarrassed us.