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the owner of the saying "it's always easy to talk about a pain that is not tested".


"it is a grave sin to humiliate a father in front of his children, to keep an employee waiting at the door for hours without meeting, to give money or chocolate to one of the two children and not to give it to the other, to humiliate a young person because of his poverty, to ignore what an old man says and not listen at all," he said.


"we were not created to chase after those who left without looking back. it is the work of the moon and the stars to appear and disappear, you are human... remember" made a good point, sincere.


"some americans, some europeans, some islamic countries, some liberals, some leftists, some seculars, some conservatives, some elites do not like the type of people who resist the coup in the street - that is, because they find bearded, headscarved, islamic, terrorist, authoritarian, ikhwan, fanatic, arab. - they couldn't lower their mouths and say a coup. i'm saying this. there was a coup in egypt." the person saying.


"until abraham was thrown into the fire, people believed that fire would burn. but that day, the fire did not burn abraham. they are trying to make us believe that fire will burn. however, we must believe in abraham…"


point shooter. "the deep desperation of men who live in a country where nothing is as it seems and have no other face than what they seem."

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