the fact that kenan birkan was right in his case

the fact that kenan birkan was right in his case

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discourse that continues to receive support with various entries (see #80326834). kenan birkan is unquestionably right in his case. for the sake of his brother, he took the woman he loved so much that he took his family against him, from the man he knew. (bkz: uncle ramiz being dishonest)


it depends on which way you look. first of all, no one mentioned selma wagging her tail to kenan or ramiz. at first he didn't fuck with ramiz, then he succumbed to the bastard's preference instead of the master man. let not uncle ramiz be removed from here that i called a bastard. after all, while kenan was the gentleman of istanbul, ramiz was an armed bully. the second point is that he left the love of ramiz by burying them in his heart so that they could be happy. until he heard about the rape. so it would be unfair to say that kenan birkan is right in the blood case.


as of the 47th episode, the truth has come to light. son of a bitch uncle ramiz.


not the aged version, but the younger version is right. in fact, he was so right that the man was so right, they said that if we do not do something, the people will turn away from the uncle, even though it is against the man's character, they made a rapist.


it is an indisputable fact. we embraced uncle ramiz because literature was torn apart, but it is impossible to forget that he made all kinds of courtships to pick up women. look, it came to my mind, i got angry again.


there are a lot of people in the series whose lives have been ruined because of two bitches, kenan birkan and even the bastard called cengiz is actually a victim in a way. then again with love: (see bitch eyşan) (see bitch selma)


he is right. which was confessed by uncle ramiz by saying "i did him wrong, nephew".

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