the brothers grimsby

the brothers grimsby

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funniest movie i've seen in a long time


it is a fun movie that can be watched without getting bored with a guaranteed laugh. i can only recommend it to those over the age of 18 because of some scenes. also, watch alone if possible. do not try to watch it as a comedy movie as a family, you will be disgraced.


legendary movie. funny as animal


although the place is very reminiscent of ali g, it is a movie that made me laugh all the time with a few glasses of wine. --- spoiler --- liam gallagher and vin diesel --- spoiler ---


it's ridiculous to compare this movie with the recep urgent pickaxe. i'm sorry. you missed a lot of excellent jokes by thinking that the movie consisted of only elephant-dangle scenes. mild spoiler/ just that palestinian kid's coming to the stage of having a nervous breakdown, what he said during the insanity scene makes him laugh for ten minutes easily / mild spoiler


(bkz: robert ivedikcson) don't watch when there is someone with you, don't even watch it, start and get out of the room... i laughed and laughed. the dictator > the brothers grimbsy > brüno


borat, who joined jimmy kimmel, personally protested the film. video site/watch?v=hch0gpamay8