the brass teapot

the brass teapot

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the movie that i couldn't watch the last 15-20 minutes after my bus trip ended. --- spoiler --- in a world where masochism and sadism pay off, a lovely couple's journey towards bilbo bagins. --- spoiler--- because of this movie, i hope to buy the return ticket from the same company and watch the end.


2012 movie starring juno temple and alexis bledel. fragment


--- spoiler --- usually not my style, i find a place to respect cinematic works somehow, but this movie is so bad. watch it but watch it as a hobby, it's a time passer like me. a movie that will make you feel bored, that's all. s


--- spoiler --- a terrific movie that's fun as a subject. there is a teapot that makes money as people suffer. as the pain becomes standardized, the teapot starts to pay less. that's why he didn't do so much evil with this teapot that was in the hands of just hitler.


i couldn't finish it even though i continued to advance until the middle. nothing is unexpectable nothing is suprising