the benevolent kenter

the benevolent kenter

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“if only it were as easy as closing the window when we are cold, closing our hearts to that person when we realize that we are not loved.” said the artist...


orhan veli's voice is also orphaned now, alf has also disappeared. once again the end of my childhood hit me in the face. rest in peace sir..


he was 45 years old when i became my father. he was so similar to musfik kenter that if he had lived as long as him, he would probably have resembled his twin at his age. may god have mercy on them both on this occasion.


one of two people who got a 10 out of 10 in the state conservatory final exam.* musfik kenter was asked to pretend to be a candle as an exam question. and he stood upright for a while with his hands folded on both sides. then he started to sweat heavily from his forehead and temples. not to cry, not to laugh... the man melted like a candle. *

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