the beauty inside

the beauty inside

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2015 korean movie. as for the subject, imagine a man waking up with a new face every morning. his voice is different, his body is different, even his gender is different. think you've been like this for over ten years, don't know why or how you can get back to your old self. if you are familiar with korean celebrities, this movie is a real celebrity feast. we see many handsome men, especially lee dong wook, lee jin wook, park seo joon, in the role of woo jin - the main character. the lead girl is very lucky. this is the trailer the beauty inside


just started watching the 2012 mini-series version. the episodes of the series, which are all 6 episodes, take about 5-8 minutes. i think it's impressive because the time was so short. last 3 left :(


it's actually an american mini tv series. in 2012, it was published as 6 episodes in 7-8 minute short films. then koreans filmed this super original idea. it's amazing how hollywood has overlooked one of the most original ideas i've ever seen. americans will definitely make it a feature film. it will be 2 years, it will be 5 years. it's going to happen. i've told you this much, let's watch this wonderful short film-like series from where, if you say greyback, get it and watch it on video site; video site/watch?v=rbnp_c0wuxe