the bad batch

the bad batch

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very bad movie. keanu reeves must have owed something to the producer, come on, jason momoa should be thankful that he found a movie and act and what is keanu reeves looking for in this movie?


what a great cast this movie has, so a million percent is shit...


spoiled by ana lily amirpour. you have gathered so many daddy guys, it would be a better movie if the staff just sat at the table and talked about alcohol, how did you shoot this freak?


if you're bored, pick your nose for 2 hours or something. don't watch this.


a dystopian love story film produced by megan ellison and directed by ana lily amirpour. edit: keanu reeves, jim carrey, jason momoa, suki waterhouse and diego luna are the lead actors.


you'd think it was a tarantino movie if they didn't write the director's name on the trailer and show it. we are waiting.


i just finished this movie. it wasn't a good thing, but i liked it. the images and music are great. the actors were great, but the acting wasn't that prominent. --- spoiler --- my favorite character was the rabbit, they ate it too =/ --- spoiler --- although this gentleman jason satisfies the eyes very much, the man's eyes are very good, sunday was good.


i watched the movie by following the jim carry scene sharing on a social network. as a result, i liked it, i'll even watch it again after a while. *