the art of deferment of military service

the art of deferment of military service

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also known as master's degree by some circles.. there is also the art of getting a caries report, which in some circles is also referred to as the art of "putting a bottle in the butt".


actually, it has nothing to do with art. when there are a few months left for the final exam, you start to eat like crazy, until you are 10-15 kg overweight when the time comes. when they see that your height-weight ratio is too high, they postpone you to the next year. you do the trick and you are postponed to the next year. if you postpone it three times in this way, you will rot. after that, you will reach your ideal weight and do what you want. also, this is not a deer, it's a fact.


(bkz: making an academic career while escaping from the military)


let's say you graduate at 18 and graduate at 22. after graduating from undergraduate, you have the right to postpone for 2 years. age was 24. entered the master's degree. his graduation will be 26 years old. let's say it took a year. right of deferment for 1 more year after the 27th master's degree. let's say you started your doctorate on 28. 28. i'm 32. congratulations. you are now an academic.


it's the new way to tear for my roommate. if he gets a little tougher, he plans to write a book on this subject, become a best seller soon, tear it up, and then enlist in the military at the age of 55. edit: (bkz: he is a soldier now)


the prerequisite for performing is to have nerves of steel.