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i know why i am a cat-loving person with pain and questions, but i bring the deciduous end of the days i live without cats and love? text underok


he explained the troubles of those who chose loneliness well. this consciousness of individuality in me developed from not being able to pass on the incredible joy i got from the humidity and mold in a booksellers' book to someone else


some have thorns that cannot be folded. always stands upright so as not to pierce his body. some don't have a single bone, it doesn't confirm on their feet. according to him, if he doesn't exist, he is rolled up like an ironed handkerchief. i don't bend during the day, but i bleed myself at night. ............


there was a starry night, there was also the moon; when you smiled, a fish played in my heart.


living is a duty, living in a fire place by being human..


"man comes to the world to die slowly. he starts to be a little more human every day. and how strange is it when he dies, he falls in love, feeds a cat, gives a name to things." said.


"we'd open a calendar upside down if you wanted to." he replied to all unfinished love. rest in peace.


........ and slowly wiped my heart from my chest, passing the soft cheesecloth through it like the sooty bottle of a lamp. ........ as if covering the eyes of someone who has just died, i softly ran my sad hand through his long black hair.

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