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the thirsty summer had celal bayar watch the film, which was banned by the censorship board of his time, at a dinner in Çankaya; celal bayar, who was completely unaware of this ban, admired the movie and praised it, and my lord embarrassed the whole president because the state banned this movie. so much so that the thirsty summer, which was completely banned at the beginning, was released without a single scene being censored. auteur moteur aside, hinin's god is also a person metin erksan.


the director, whose rebellion is evident in every way, has made a succinct statement to the directors who appeared in the program with a sip of people saying "the first film of the x genre in the country" and "they think that the date they were born is a milestone".


the director who proved that she is in a different place with the movie "time to love"


i'm sorry, but as a cinema student and someone who has memorized all the cinema history books, i have to say that metin erksan was not one of the first the directors at all. (if we ignore the macedonian mannakis brothers, although they are ottoman subjects, the first the director is lieutenant colonel fuat uzkınay, with the documentary film the destruction of the russian monument in ayestefenos.) the text is correct for erksan: one of the important names of the post-1945 filmmakers generation and the country's first auteur director.


it seems that his death did not upset the high school students who knew him without water, when it was time to love, not with the vengeance of snakes, but with the devil. it is only in the country to judge a director whose films have been shown in places you cannot even pass through in his life, with a single film of a different genre that he shot according to the conditions of the period.