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the news and the last comment of posta newspaper broke in the morning. metin hara, who returned from america yesterday, said, 'have you left?' he got angry at the question and said, "i am a scientist, not a magazine figure." the relationship of life coach metin hara, who was angry because he was abandoned, with science could not be resolved."


then i fuck that science, sorry. now i curse whatever scientist he is.


when it comes to kissing in front of journalists with adriana lima, posing while kissing her on the back on the boat, she's fine, but when she's abandoned and asked the question "have you broken up?", "i'm a scientist, not a tabloid figure". where do you see yourself o metin hara :)


i just learned that you are a famous the writer. the columns were a huge success. i finish 2 books a week, i love bookstores. i wouldn't say bragging. first time i heard of the guy. i'm old enough to admit my ignorance. i am an animal that i met metin hara through adriana lima. that famous, successful, handsome man is a writer!! i'm going crazy bro, what quality author prints his own face on the cover of his book.


in both of his books, the man explained that nothing is impossible, that whatever we want, we can achieve with positive thinking. come on, don't believe in the law of attraction, positive thinking now...


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