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at the 24th second of the video, while the commander is trying to shoot from between his legs, the leftmost private tries to hide behind his friend. it is the event that best describes psychology here.


it has once again revealed that the love of soldiers in the country has turned into a mania. i mean, if that gun were shoved up his ass tomorrow, there would be people who would write messages of love, such as, "some of his friends have been disturbed. how can this the commander be so confident and the soldiers there can open his ass with an order, it is necessary to examine it deeply".


the officer whose only crime is the reflection of the shit he has done in the press. since when has it been a crime to torture privates and not to be human? everyone who has enlisted in the military knows very well that if this video were not made public, let alone being punished, he is the man who would have earned the reputation of being a "piscopate captain". i would like to remind you that the officer who killed 4 soldiers with a hand grenade was also arrested 9 days after the incident when it was reported in the press.


"the william tell" is said at the beginning of the video. william tell was a simple peasant who had the courage to stand up to tyranny, he was sentenced to shoot the apple standing on his son's head with an arrow. calling captain metin gurcan the the william tell, although it seems like a naive analogy, is an insult to william.


it will probably be found out who he is; abuse of power, imprudence, security weakness, i don't know, he will be expelled from the army or be punished. the head after the head is the same head, the rest will continue the same. sometimes the same mind coincides here, for example, he takes a big defense because of his fault, saying, "what do you know, those guys can hit what you throw from 10 km." i'm already in that head. so is it a crime to alienate the public from angutluk?


ever since i watched it, i've been trying to convince myself that this guy isn't real, it's fake, but he looks pretty real. and i say, is it bulent ersoy, who says that if i have a child, i will not send him to the military, or is this man alienating the people from military service? what kind of concept is cooling off from military service, that's another issue.