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the painter who has a list about himself and his paintings.


although i did not understand art and painting, i was amazed by his paintings and in my opinion (i don't know what art circles think) he was a very successful painter. it is a different irony that we are aware of him thanks to his suicide.


i do not understand the art of painting anyway. as we look up, it becomes clear that the art we do not understand the most as a society is painting. oh, we have a bob ross admiration, that's different. however, there is probably no one who looks at the paintings of this artist and does not find something strange in them. i look back. i'll even set one up and hang it in my living room.


the painter in whom i see my sense of being stuck in the world in every painting i look at. the same unhappiness, the same inability to adapt to the world, the same usedness, the same loneliness. at least we don't end up alike.


japanese painter, famous for his portraits that criticize japanese society in a dark language. he died in an accident in 2005. for some of his works: http://www.toxel.com/…-paintings-by-tetsuya-ishida/


tetsuya ishida committed suicide in 2005 by throwing himself under a train. it is said that the reason for the suicide of the artist, who uses his own face from his paintings, is hidden in his works.


the painter whose work brings to mind el empleo. it hurts when you look at the way you paint your own face. in general, we make instant statements against everything that we criticize, say, and want to escape from in the world we have to be in, but he seems to have experienced the same pain over and over in each painting. however, there is a whole canvas time to give up. i'd like to say that a man who suffered like this has endured well again.