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one of the carrier columns of thrash metal, which i had the honor of watching from 20 centimeters a while ago, to which i shook hands one by one and said hello.

chuck billy stepped onto the stage of little dorock and looked at us and said, "you brought us back to 30 years ago," and alex skolnick started playing.


a super group that has never had an ordinary member on its staff:

chuck billy - vocals
steve souza - vocals
eric peterson - guitar
steve smythe - guitar
alex skolnick - guitar*
glen alvelais - guitar
james murphy - guitar*
greg christian - bass
derek ramirez - bass
steve digiorgio - bass*
jon allen - drums
louie clemente - drums
paul bostaph - drums
john tempesta - drums
jon dette - drums*
gene hoglan - drums*
dave lombardo - drums*


the animals community that announced that they will release an old school album faster than the last album in january 2020. let's see, we are waiting for another fantastic album with a team like los galacticos.



the most underrated band in world metal history.

has no empty albums; he produced great songs in the style of thrash, death, doom, power etc.

i suggest young bloods who are eager to listen from edge to edge start with dark roots of earth or ritual.

video site/watch?v=b81k2qkf-1m


chuck told in one of his interviews; he ran into a fan at the market, the kid fell at his feet, he went crazy... and chuck said "let's go, i'm a person like you, let's have a drink together"


why isn't the group on the big four?, alex skolnick replied:

-this is more about seniority. i was in school when these guys made albums and went on tour. we came in the second wave. so this is a natural result.