tesla model 3

tesla model 3

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very affordable tool. not affordable, affordable. because we wouldn't be men if we didn't use fuckin' english terms in every sentence. affordable.


is coming. their voices began to be heard before they even came out; chevrolet bolt, faraday future, long-range bmw i3, porsche mission e, mercedes' unnamed car, and volkswagen budd-e and audi e-tron quattro i count even more, but the fear that is released into the environment with the model s is bad. and we are only at the beginning of 2016. the conversation about "electric cars are our future", which we have been hearing for years like temcit rice, is closest to when oil prices are at their lowest levels in history! at fav, wait, things will get mixed up on march 31.


since it is a hundred percent electric vehicle, it is a vehicle with different excise duty rates. if its total power is over 121 kw, it is taxed from the top slice, ie 15%. vat is added on top of it; 35000$+%15ötv=40250$= price with Ötv 40250$+%18kdv=47495$= sales price excluding plate etc. as a result, it is a car that can come to our country for 47495$. if we take the rate of 2.95 and write it as tl, it makes 140.000 tl. ie 1.6 tdi passat money. (bkz: people are really amazed)


everyone has been wondering what the price will be in the country, but there is something else i'm curious about. how are we going to use it if the american or european of the hand takes this car and charges it in the garage at night and uses it the next day? for example, are we going to hang an extension cord from the fifth floor? if such cars become widespread in the future, maybe the state will add electrical outlets to the bottom of the pavements, but the price it will get from there will even show mercy to gasoline. after all, our government exists to tear us apart.