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terry took death's hand and went with him through the gates to the black desert under an endless night... ...he said from his official account: https://twitter.com/terryandrob yes, he said it himself. i believe it. or did you also believe that moist von lipwig was dead?


for years, the disc world, how i embraced the man when i said this and that, i cried when i first saw the poster of the documentary terry pratchett: choosing to die. the man standing in the middle of my definition of the ideal man is himself. i always say if i find a man with this head, i will marry. of course, even if terry looks lustral, he says he should get married, eheh. about 6 years ago, i wrote an e-mail in the style of girls who somehow found his e-mail address and yelled "tarkaaaan" and threw underpants. he answered me!


he is a writer i love very much, i was not sad about his death because the man was not happy for years due to health problems and his request for euthanasia was also denied. thank you for decorating our dream world.


the person who passed away while sleeping with his cat in his bed, making the world much less complete. instead of euthanasia, he preferred to make an appointment and go the classical way. from now on, we will look for ways to resist tayyipdunya with the volumes of diskdunya.


according to the announcement made on his official facebook account, he went far away from here, maybe to ankh morpork, maybe to om. i wanted to write something about it many times and was always undecided. almost everything he wrote was special to me. i have written on this occasion. our condolences.


if i lost a loved one, i could only be so sad. talent, genius, funny guy. the man who puts the expression of someone who has eaten a sledgehammer on his face while making him laugh, and looks at everything backwards. now there were disc world series that i couldn't get because they weren't translated into the. my only goal is to collect all your books in my hands. love you so much. i am really sad. why did terry pratchett die, for example, when there are people who make the world so boring?


"i think i'd like to go into modeling. of course i don't know how to do it and wouldn't be any good at it if i did, so i'm going to employ someone to walk the catwalks on my behalf. it would still be me of course." says the writer.

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