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the movie shot with the logic of garbage after the second movie. the movie is intended as a sequel to the movie judgment day. it will be nice to watch linda hamilton again, also mackenzie davis, whom i know with halt and catch fire, is among the players, which is a plus for me.


the return of the legend with the sixth movie.


as far as i can see from the trailer, the villain (or should we say robot) of the movie does not have a villain spirit. it doesn't bother you when you look at it. one does not say that this man has a fagot, a slut. he was doing it right in terminator 2 robert patrick.


james cameron will be the director or screenwriter, and schwarzenegger will star. i'm dizzy, bring some ayran. http://screenrant.com/…chwarzenegger-james-cameron/


it is the first movie of the new trilogy, which will be released on july 26, 2019. terminator 2 will be the sequel to judgment day. https://twitter.com/…your/status/913081268144951298


come on. all types are followed. from the movies you want to be shot continuously.


movie directed by tim miller. http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/viewtopic.php?t=43965


first photos from the set of the movie