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tera patrick

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a hybrid, non-asian person; his mother is thai and his father is english.


she is a brunette sister who makes a virtual sex video from a digital playground company. an interesting but stone sister who studies medicine.


for some reason, you always call me ebru gündeş, the chick. of course, it is many times better than marbling, another matter. but those eyes and mouths look pretty alike. if the world's most beautiful hybrid competition were held, it would definitely be in the top five. edit: when i looked at the official website now, it has nothing to do with ebru gunes. he has dyed his hair blonde and his face has aged and weakened. she put silicone on her beautiful breasts like animals, in short she fucked the concept.


ultra attractive chick that makes you say "nobody's boobs shake like these during action".


in an interview with fhm magazine, porn worker declared that "we sit at home with evan * and watch porn. but european porn. all those who play american porn are our friends".


also known as tara patrick in some common places. the reason she chose this name (tera/tara doesn't matter) is to make fun of carmen electra, because tara patrick is carmen's real name.


the stone woman who left a bittersweet memory in the butt community because she retired without shooting a single video where she had an abusive relationship even though she worked for years as a porn shopkeeper.


i liken this woman to azra akın.