tension headache

tension headache

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headache that is not on a certain side, usually felt on the neck and on the head, giving a feeling of pressure in the head. it can cause tension and hardening of the neck muscles. or stress/depression.. pain can be alleviated with massage.. the reasons should be avoided so that it does not recur.. if the existing pain does not go away, take one apranax fort and be well..


pain that can be chronic in some bodies and can be triggered by factors such as the shaking felt while traveling on the bus or the monitor settings being too bright. although the factors that trigger pain can vary according to the person, they can occur even for the smallest reasons and turn life into hell. it is in the group of primary headaches with migraine.


headache usually experienced by perfectionist types who are obsessed with weed..


it is a constant pain that is not severe. it hurts. although there is no throbbing, a feeling of tightness occurs in the head or neck. factors such as insufficient sleep and stress trigger this pain. this curse is mild and chronic.


after a while he gets high.


it seems like it will last forever. in fact, when it passes, it makes people feel like "why don't i have a headache", which i guess got its name from here.*