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temet nosce

it is one of the greek mythology influences in the matrix movie. "temet nosce" means "know thyself" and is inscribed in the temple of delphi. this temple is famous for its oracle named pythia, who prophesied with the instructions it received from apollo.


temet nosce

it doesn't mean know yourself. that would be a poor definition. latin for the ancient greek word "gnothi seauton".

not the current state of yourself; stresses the need to know the ideal (absolute) self, the limits of your self, and what your self as a goal is.


temet nosce

in the first movie of the matrix series, while visiting the oracle, neo enters the kitchen by passing under the beam on which this text hangs. the oracle is waiting for him inside.

the real prophecy is this article, submitting to this article is accepting this article.
the oracle says little to the self-aware.
self-knowledge contains many prophecies.
understanding a lot from what the oracle does not say is a moment of enlightenment for the hero to know himself.


temet nosce

know yourself . and leave your comfort zone.

if you don't know yourself and go out of your comfort zone, you can't improve, you can't change.

when the weather conditions change, you need to change your route to avoid being caught in the storm. i mean you must be like a pebble. you may have to compromise yourself and change shape to adapt to the conditions. but if you know yourself, your essence will always remain the same.

i know, it's very easy to say these things. but it is much more difficult to comprehend. it happened to me too, it took a long time.


temet nosce

if i had to get a word tattooed, i would definitely get this one.


temet nosce

the original word is "gnothi seauton" or "nosce te ipsum".


temet nosce

this is a word that seems to have great meanings because of the wise air of latin. in fact, above-average advice that any sane person can give to another.

another is tempus figit. time flies. we all know this and say it, but when it is in latin, it has a deeper meaning.


temet nosce

although the original translation from greek is nosce te ipsum, the expression "a barbarian latin" is used for the translation of temet nosce in the book the matrix and philosophy.

for the greek original of this advice, which is rumored to have been written in golden letters at the entrance of the temple of apollo in delphi at the time (see: gnothi seauton)

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