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we are sick of our godless communist brother, not him. edit: he also writes here. regards bro.


it is a site where discussions continue for pages after each roll, where the person passed makes up absurd excuses such as you removed your seat, etc. although the moderation does not allow much discussion, it has a nice environment where most people know each other, solid deer build, even if everyone throws it at each other. almost everyone who has set their heart on mods has an account here. the level of knowledgeable people is quite high, except for the children's crew.


it's like a chamber of engineers. even if they are a little brand fanatic*, it consists of qualified and knowledgeable staff.


it is an unrivaled site on issues such as general information about cars, modifications, problems and solutions, obtaining information. there are such people who can find the fault on the description without hearing the sound of the engine, from the size of the screw in the air filter of the car you want to get information from. there are people who have all kinds of vehicles ('83 model golf - '91 şahin - 2013 porsche and so on), although there is a bit of honda and bmw support. it can even be entered just to view the uploaded car photos every day.


it is a successful site that differs from its peers in that the conversations of the people who create its content are smooth, free of swearing and really full of content. peugeot 106 and honda vtec fanaticism draws attention. especially if you are going to buy a new car, you can read the comments of the previous owners of most of the vehicles offered for sale on we like, we follow...


think the owner is original, he is a member of ataköy, it is good. he had a red color, vtc plate car, i know him from those times. it didn't run much in the industries at the time. now it is looking at the software works. i think there is a shipwreck next to him right now, i like him too, the man may be the first s2k user in the country. he has quite a bit of technical knowledge. helpful.

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