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teacher nilay

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according to rumors, the teacher accidentally posted her nude photos to the class' whatsapp group. did you delete and sleep after that, the children wrote and left the group. that's what all the fanfare is about.


historian teacher (i also wondered how he became a historian) accidentally throws nudes in the whatsapp group of 12/c students in the morning. he notices, deletes it and leaves the group, but these are high school students with bad chemistry and hormones, of course, escape is not possible. push (heavy swearing here) someone starts blackmailing the woman by taking ss and threatening the woman privately and giving the nudes to the internet. i don't want to continue further (bkz: pity whose child he is)


by creating fake pictures and whatsapp conversations by a few high school teenagers, the name was instrumental in seeking the disclosure of my country's unemployed bullshit. you can reach the disclosure after a short search and find the picture of the beautiful american model. we can see these adolescents in my instagram comments for a few more days.