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a curse that can be heard in thrace.


if a latin girl calls you "te quiero", she loves you. what a wonderful thing if you love it too. it's nice that you love each other. but if a latin girl calls you "te amo", there is a difference between them. if you run to the mountains, you cannot escape. scorching environment. edit: i didn't even think about what would happen if he said "te adoro". i still don't know. good now. whatever it says here.


another rihanna song with a perfect intro.


the song that i expect to be covered by a man soon because of its lyrics. although how nice another voice can sound after rihanna's is debatable.


fear that one day he will lose his a and become desolate. when i say "i'm afraid" of my desolation... what a contradiction.


for now, it stands out among the four songs that have dropped from the album* (the other three songs are russian roulette, wait your turn and hard), which i think will grin a little in the album if the rest of the album is close to the other three songs, but it is clear that it is the product of a really successful production and beautiful new rihanna song which is also amazing feeling.


means "i love you" in spanish. this is a stronger i love you than "te quiero".


clip of rihanna giving some foreplay footage with laetitia casta. namely...