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it's truly an amazing piece of work. it has hosted many writers without prejudice and has become a crazy source. i think i am not making a mistake in thinking that there will be an appendix of at least 3 volumes after its completion. because the newly added ideas to the staff brought up the mistakes and new findings in the previous articles over time.


making the volumes published so far immediately accessible on the internet is the biggest task of the religious affairs and the country, and it will be a source of prestige when done. it is also necessary to start the translation process at the same speed.


you won't find any keyboard/letter errors in it, because i did the typesetting and page layout (see macintosh classic) of some of their volumes 18 years ago. yes, it was one of my apprenticeship work, but there was no room for error especially in this publication...


tdv islamic encyclopedia has a special place in my life. i wish that those who prepared it, those who worked, that is, those who worked, have a long life and never have any trouble. thanks to this encyclopedia, the world has become more understandable and comprehensible for me. twisting his nose: "everything is on the internet, what encyclopedia?" let it be a lesson to the axles who say yes.


a masterpiece found in the great libraries of the world. finally, the 33rd volume has been published and the last article of this volume; they are ottomans. this title has been reviewed on a total of 102 pages.


information resource that can be accessed via the internet at the following address: (post script: he has contributed greatly to my numerous stories and researches, together with the name library)


colossal copyrighted work still being written by the the country religious foundation (tdv) islamic studies center (see isam). the first volume was published in 1983. since then, 28 volumes have been published, the target is 40 volumes, 18 thousand articles. last item max. i am of the opinion that it is/will be a unique work for both social sciences and religious studies researchers and for those who want a rich domestic resource at home. i wish i could write an article for this work... is what i call it.


you should not look at the name. a very comprehensive and very successful encyclopedia. i often use it in my works related to history, it works very well. well done to those who prepared it.

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